The Liberation of Growing Old

Just like fine wine, you grow better with years

Margo Steinlage picking sangiovese grapes in Montepulciano Italy. Just like fine wine, you grow better with years


Great read on Ageism! If we make the world better for old people, we make it better for everyone!

The best part of my job is working side by side with people 65 and older: parents, grandparents…even great grandparents.

A few weeks back one of my clients, an astute 95 yr old, told me stories of what it was like to grow up in the 30’s and 40’s. He was born in Italy and came over to the States upon which he met his wife and started his own business. He had extensive travel experience with plenty of ups and downs in his business affairs. All of which, he shared.

Since it was nearly lunch I decided to change the subject to something a bit more saucy.

Italian Food.

I wanted his take on the Italian food scene in Saint Louis. Specifically, who has the best lasagne. His answer: LoRusso’s Cucina. He then went on to discuss recipes, wines, and restaurants for another 45 minutes…

I walked away that afternoon with a stomach growling to the tune of Pavarotti’s Rigoletto La Dona e mobile and a sense of fearlessness.
His passionate stories proved that fear will stop you from pursuing your dreams, and could cause you to give up and give in, keeping you a prisoner in your own comfort zone.

Furthermore, I gained a new respect for the sage elder. As our population ages we need to remind ourselves that “…one can remain vital and present, engaged and curious, indeed continue to grow, until one’s dying breath.”

Great read, check it out.

Pavarotti’s La Dona e mobile youtube video

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