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Steinlage Insurance

Who We Are:

Founded by William H. Steinlage Sr. and family-owned and operated since 1950, we are proud of our almost 70 years as a respected and dependable Medicare health insurance agency. There have been many changes in the insurance and healthcare industry—miraculous advances in medicine, longer life spans, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the birth of a national healthcare program. Our agents and their customers know they can rely on us to continue to grow and adapt to meet their needs, whatever may come next.

At Steinlage, we dedicate ourselves to earning the title “THE BEST MEDICARE HEALTH INSURANCE AGENCY” each and every day. We are a nationally recognized, award-winning leader in the Medicare insurance brokerage industry. We are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with multiple offices in Virginia. 

Our primary focus at Steinlage is our nation’s seniors. As a Medicare-focused company, we are a trusted source in the industry for Medicare knowledge, trends and news. In addition, the partnership Steinlage maintains with just about every top-level insurance carrier allows us to provide Medicare recipients complete access to the highest quality and competitive products.

There is no other Medicare health insurance agency in the nation that supports its clients like Steinlage. Our complete back office support system is unparalleled and uncompromising, built on close relationships that have grown through the years. Our advanced technology allows us to be flexible and respond quickly as needed, and our friendly staff is energetic, and their get-it-done attitude makes doing business easy and efficient. Our ability to compare all Part D drug plans can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year for our clients.

Steinlage offers its clients a singular direct connection to the various insurance companies, making life easier and uncomplicated.

Founder Of Steinlage Agency

William H. Steinlage Sr.

Founder of Steinlage Agency

Meet the leadership that drives the company culture:

Co-owner, CEO and Broker

Karl Steinlage

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 301

Karl has held his insurance license since 2002. Upon receiving his insurance license, Karl took a hiatus to play baseball and obtain his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University.

After graduation in 2006, Karl started working with the agency full time. Karl has been Nationally recognized for his work. He received his MBA from Saint Louis University in 2015.

When Karl isn’t working or studying he enjoys golf, basketball, soccer, and baseball. He also likes to cook and spend time with his wife and children, Jack and Tessa.

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 101

Co-owner, President and Broker

Margo Steinlage Kreider

Virginia Phone: 571-777-1201 ext: 303
Missouri Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 303

With 14 years of health insurance industry experience, complemented with a law degree, Margo Steinlage Kreider has become a nationally recognized Medicare Expert. Margo is a trusted resource for thousands of clients and works with advisors and estate planners across the country to integrate medicare planning into their retirement discussions.

In her free time, Margo enjoys yoga, cooking and exploring nature with her husband, two sons and daughter on their 130 acre farm.

Virginia Office Phone: 571-777-1201
Missouri Office Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 103

Co-owner, Vice President and Broker

Eric Steinlage

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 106

Eric has worked in the insurance industry since 2004 and with the agency full-time since 2006.

In addition to being a broker, Eric dabbles in charcuterie. He built a smokehouse in 2010 and is working toward becoming a Master Charcutier.

Eric also enjoys fishing, hunting, gardening and spending quality family time with his wife and two little girls, Camille and Daphne.

Ask Eric any question about grilling, smoking meats, or supplemental insurance.

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 106

Accounting and Compliance

Ashlee W.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 305

Combine accounting, compliance, and sales, and you have Ashlee Mennemeyer. Serving as an Accounting Manager at Steinlage Insurance Agency, Ashlee takes on challenging responsibilities, such as compensation and project management.

She is a master client advocate, professional accountant, and skillful systems administrator. Her impressive entrepreneurial background provides the skills and experiences necessary to take initiative and self-direction while maintaining a friendly and positive attitude.

Since joining Steinlage Insurance Agency, Ashlee has obtained her Missouri Health and Life Insurance license and has become a commissioned notary of the public. She is a proud alum of Purdue University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She loves to visit with family and spends a lot of time gardening, swimming, and riding motorcycles.

Executive Client Manager

Anna T.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 308

Anna is British, raised in the UK and born in Germany. Her personality is very easy going and she loves to work with clients and assist with their questions. Anna loves rugby and enjoyed horse races with her horse Indie, who has since retired to the UK. She has a wonderful 3 year old son who rocks the American accent while at daycare and an English accent while at home. Anna loves to end her day with her son and 2 year old Doberman.
Broker and Client Manager

Manny A.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 307

Manny is originally from El Salvador but has lived in Virginia the majority of his life, Fluent in both Spanish and English he considers himself Bicultural and Bilingual. He’s been married for 4 years and lives with his Wife, their 2 dogs Benji & Luna, and their cat Simba. His hobbies include Fishing, Camping, and Sports. He enjoys eating and trying new foods. Manny’s favorite part about working for Steinlage Insurance is having the ability to assist and walk a client through one of the most important decisions of their life, choosing the correct plan to meet their needs. Since joining Steinlage, Manny obtained his Life and Health insurance license and certifications.
Broker and Client Manager

Charlotte L

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 311

Charlotte was born and raised in the Washington D.C. metro area. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and hopes to learn how to pilot a plane one day. Her hobbies include singing, watching hockey, small-scale gardening, and learning new languages. She enjoys finding the silver lining and thinking outside the box. Charlotte’s favorite part about working for Steinlage Insurance is the supportive, knowledgeable team that truly cares about helping their clients and each other. Charlotte is fully Life and Health certified and licensed.
Independent Broker

Angela W.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 317

Angela joined Steinlage Insurance in October 2022 as a Broker. She is eager to assist our clients in any way she can. Previously, she came from the Virginia Farm Bureau as a health insurance agent, and has extensive experience working with the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. Originally from Mechanicsville, VA, Angela received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, and currently resides in Ruckersville, VA with her husband Ron and two sons, Luke and Noah. Away from work she enjoys spending time with her family, attending her children’s sporting events, and is an avid professional sports fan. She loves to bring both her work at Steinlage Insurance Agency and passion for the community together by educating and promoting health insurance awareness helping families find affordable and appropriate coverage that satisfies their needs.
Executive Administrator

Nancy Smith

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 102

Second in line, possibly first depending on who you ask, is our dedicated and loyal Nancy. With 30 years’ experience to her name, Nancy is here to answer questions and work as an intermediary between clients and agents.

Nancy enjoys scrapbooking and eating out with her husband and friends.

Broker’s Assistant

Heather S.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 309

Heather came to the agency in July 2022 after nearly 15 years in Financial Services. A large reason for her shift in career paths was to allow more time with her family.

When not working, she stays busy with her husband from the home of Mt. Everest, Nepal & their 2 children; Ezekiel – 7, Naomi Grace 4. Her family loves to get out & about going to see new things, participate in every activity they can find. Summertime finds them at the pool often. They love cuddling up on the couch together as a family watching movies, playing board games & simply being in one another’s presence (though they sometimes drive her bonkers, they are her life!). She is very active in her church & when there is free time, she is part of a MOPS/Mom’s next Group that allows her to hang out with other mothers gleaning insight, sharing child-raising stories & just getting a break. She is a huge Cardinal Baseball Fan (#51 Willie McGee will always be in her heart’s Hall of Fame). She loves music of nearly every kind & enjoys singing. She spent many years volunteering at Lindenwood University helping & loving on International Students from all over the globe. She appreciates her time with those from other cultures be it visiting, dining, or learning more about life as they know it.

Her time here at Steinlage thus far has opened her eyes to the craziness of this industry. She can understand why it would be difficult to navigate Medicare on one’s own. Day in & day out, she has the opportunity to watch the brokers work their magic & do so with compassion, knowledge & honesty. As her parents prepare to delve into the Medicare World, it brings great peace knowing that the Steinlage Team will be watching out for them. She looks forward to being here at Steinlage for many years.

Broker’s Assistant

Shelby R.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 314

Shelby has grown up in the Charlottesville, VA area her whole life and obtained a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. Throughout college and after college Shelby held positions that furthered her passion for helping people. She held roles that aided student involvement and client experience. Today she is able to assist clients and brokers with benefit related questions, scheduling, and organization. Her favorite thing in her life (other than working for Steinlage) is her dog, a rough collie named Chip. She loves spending time with her family and friends whether that is just hanging out at home or planning an outing for the day. Some of her favorite things to do are going shopping, seeing movies, being outdoors (especially if it is on the beach somewhere) and finding time to relax. Shelby is happy to help with any of your Medicare and health insurance needs!
Broker’s Assistant

Megan L.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 316

Megan started her insurance journey a few years ago while working with personal lines insurance. She has held her PC license and soon to be Life and Health license. Megan decided to make the change from helping clients protect their assets to being a part of a team that helps clients protect their health and exposure. She gets joy out of putting a client’s health needs first, answering benefit questions and digging deeper to advocate for clients who are overwhelmed with health insurance questions and options. In her free time, she enjoys listening and collecting vinyl records, hiking with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Olive & Grizzly.
Broker’s Assistant

Morgan R.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 319

Morgan is proud to have been born and raised right here in Saint Louis and has only left to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO where her insurance career began. Morgan is currently licensed in both Life and Health Insurance in Missouri and is looking forward to assisting clients with all their insurance needs.

She is happy to be back home in beautiful Lake St. Louis with her husband, son, and two fur babies. In her free time, Morgan enjoys trying new recipes, crocheting, daydreaming of Paris, and watching all the nerdy shows and movies. This is the way.

Broker’s Assistant

Heather C.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 304

Heather has recently joined Steinlage Insurance and is eager to learn more about the insurance industry and become a great asset to the company. She was born and raised in Missouri. She has a very outgoing and bubbly personality and a passion for helping and teaching people. She received her Bachelors in Business Management degree from WGU. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, taking trips, and spending time with her family, friends, and her daughter.
Scheduler and Data Entry Specialist

Jaime M.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 313

Jaime joined the Steinlage Insurance Agency in 2022 as a scheduler and data entry specialist. She enjoys going above and beyond assisting clients in all their scheduling needs. Jaime is happy to help with anything the brokers or the Steinlage team needs to make sure the client has a positive experience! She looks forward to being with Steinlage Insurance for many years to come.

Jaime is a proud mother of adult twin daughters and is looking forward to becoming a first-time grandmother this coming fall!

Scheduler and Data Entry Specialist

Cassie A.

Phone: (636) 561-5060 ext: 315

Cassie is part of the Scheduling Team at Steinlage. She takes great pride in knowing that many times the scheduling team is the first voice or face that our clients are greeted by over the phone or in person and she loves putting smiles on their faces!

Cassie grew up surrounded by art. A bunhead from a young age, she grew up to perform
professionally with the St. Louis Ballet Company. Her father owned an art production company,which she later managed. She also has a BA in Creative Writing.

These days, Cassie is the proud mother of 4, mother-in-law of 1, grandmother of 1, and well loved wife to her husband of 19 years. Home with her family is her favorite place in the world and in her downtime, she loves to watch movies, read, and crochet gifts for those she loves.

Office Security


Smokey has been working as Steinlage’s Security for 4 years. He takes his job very seriously. When clients enter the office he realizes the importance of sniffing out the situation. Once he has verified clients are good humans he provides a show and sometimes dances for them while they wait their turn to see the agents. In his spare time Smokey enjoys visiting his lady friends at the office across the hall and people watching out the window from the view of Nancy’s desk. He makes everyone smile and is proud to know he leaves them with that “good feelings vibe”.