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Who We Are:

Founded by William H. Steinlage Sr. and family-owned and operated since 1950, we are proud of our almost 70 years as a respected and dependable Medicare health insurance agency. There have been many changes in the insurance and healthcare industry—miraculous advances in medicine, longer life spans, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the birth of a national healthcare program. Our agents and their customers know they can rely on us to continue to grow and adapt to meet their needs, whatever may come next.

At Steinlage, we dedicate ourselves to earning the title “THE BEST MEDICARE HEALTH INSURANCE AGENCY” each and every day. We are a nationally recognized, award-winning leader in the Medicare insurance brokerage industry. We are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with offices in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Our primary focus at Steinlage is our nation’s seniors. As a Medicare-focused company, we are a trusted source in the industry for Medicare knowledge, trends and news. In addition, the partnership Steinlage maintains with just about every top-level insurance carrier allows us to provide Medicare recipients complete access to the highest quality and competitive products.

There is no other Medicare health insurance agency in the nation that supports its clients like Steinlage. Our complete back office support system is unparalleled and uncompromising, built on close relationships that have grown through the years. Our advanced technology allows us to be flexible and respond quickly as needed, and our friendly staff is energetic, and their get-it-done attitude makes doing business easy and efficient. Our ability to compare all Part D drug plans can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year for our clients.

Steinlage offers its clients a singular direct connection to the various insurance companies, making life easier and uncomplicated.

Founder Of Steinlage Agency

William H. Steinlage Sr.

Founder of Steinlage Agency

Meet the leadership that drives the company culture:

CEO Steinlage Insurance Agency

William H. Steinlage,


Bill has 45+ years of senior health experience. He has navigated the constant changes of Medicare for his clients, providing advice, stability, and service since the 1970s.

Bill’s wife, Dr. Kathy James, is a retired general surgeon from private practice and is an executive officer of the firm. As a healthcare provider, she adds depth and experience to the agency.

In his free time, Bill enjoys gardening, traveling, playing with his six grandchildren, and spreadsheeting Part D prescription drug plans.

Phone: 636-205-4205 ext: 105

Steinlage Insurance Medicare Resources

Karl Steinlage,

President and Broker

Karl has held his insurance license since 2002.  Upon receiving his insurance license, Karl took a hiatus to play baseball and obtain his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University.

After graduation in 2006, Karl started working with the agency full time. Karl has been Nationally recognized for his work. He received his MBA from Saint Louis University in 2015.

When Karl isn’t working or studying he enjoys golf, basketball, soccer, and baseball. He also likes to cook and spend time with his wife and children, Jack and Tessa.

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 101

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Eric Steinlage, Vice President And Broker

Eric Steinlage,

Vice President and Broker

Eric has worked in the insurance industry since 2004 and with the agency full-time since 2006.

In addition to being a broker, Eric dabbles in charcuterie. He built a smokehouse in 2010 and is working toward becoming a Master Charcutier.

Eric also enjoys fishing, hunting, gardening and spending quality family time with his wife and two little girls, Camille and Daphne.

Ask Eric any question about grilling, smoking meats, or supplemental insurance.

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 106

Margo Steinlage, Insurance, Steinlage Insurance Agency

Margo Steinlage,

Vice President and Broker

Margo holds an LLM and MBA from the University of Toulouse Capital, France, and her JD from Saint Louis University School of Law. Margo was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 2013. Before earning her advanced degrees, Margo received her Missouri Life and Health Insurance licensure in 2009.

Today, Margo’s experience in both law and insurance allows her to guide clients through one of the most volatile industries to-date, health insurance. In her free time, Margo enjoys long runs with her Springer Spaniel, yoga, and exploring nature with her husband, son and daughter on their 130 acre farm.

Virginia Office Phone: 571-732-1456
Missouri Office Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 103

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Steinlage Insurance Agency Staff

Nancy Smith,


Second in line, possibly first depending on who you ask, is our dedicated and loyal Nancy. With 30 years’ experience to her name, Nancy is here to answer questions and work as an intermediary between clients and agents.

Nancy enjoys scrapbooking and eating out with her husband and friends.

Phone: 636-561-5060 ext: 102