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“Eric was very helpful in finding health insurance for me and my family. He spent a lot of time going over the options and his recommendations. He is doing the paperwork and he explained everything. I feel confident that he found the best deal for me.”

-Karol W. 8/20/16

“Absolutely best service ever. I don’t know how I would have waded through the system without Karl’s help. Thank you!”

–Darlene P. 8/8/16

“Margo has been thorough, efficient and very good for my recent insurance needs!”

–Chaz H. 7/27/16

“Margo helped make the transition to Medicare and supplemental insurance so easy. She simplified the process and in one meeting I had medical, prescription plan, dental and vision covered. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Margo.”

–Leslie W. 7/26/16

“As others have commented, the mailing we received from Margo really stood out from all the other literature we received about choosing Medicare supplements. That is what initially attracted us to contact her, and that is how she conducts business: clear concise communication and reliable and dependable service. Margo responds to our questions within 24 hours or less with explanations we can understand and rely on.”

–John S. 7/26/16

“For six months prior to turning 65 I received two to three pieces of mail from every insurance company regarding choosing Medicare options. My head was spinning trying to figure out the best plan for me. I finally gave up. I had received a letter from Margo along with all the other companies and had put it aside (all the others had been thrown in the trash). I am glad I saved her information. After my initial phone conversation I knew I made the right choice. Margo took all my medical information and researched my options. I met with Margo to review her recommendations. Even after I left her office she was there to answer my questions and help when I needed it. I highly recommend Margo to anyone going through this process. She made the process seamless.”

–AnnaMarie Z. 7/21/17

“My husband and I met with Karl several times. It is comforting to be able to tap his expertise in the oh so confusing Medicare process. I read a lot of paperwork I was bombarded with and did some research on-line also. Having Karl’s direction gives me peace of mind. I would recommend him to anyone!”

–Karen D. 6/7/16

“Karl was most helpful to my husband when he was navigating the waters of Medicare supplements about 5 years ago, so when my turn came it was a natural choice. Karl is extremely well-versed, explains options clearly and will find the best course for you, too. I am very happy with the coverage.”

–Kathie R. 6/3/16

“My husband and I met with Karl last week. He helped us select the best insurance for my husband. Karl educated us on the various Medicare insurance options we had to choose from. He explained things so we could fully understand them and make the best choice for Ken’s needs. Karl made it comfortable for us to ask questions, even when we asked it twice. Karl’s knowledge, professionalism, compassionate, personable and desire to help us, got us through a daunting situation. What a relief it was to have Karl guide us and find the right insurance for us.”

–Theresa C. 6/3/16

“Karl Steinlage was recommended to me by a close friend. My experience was similar to hers–Karl explained all of my Medicare options and helped me choose the plan that best suited my needs. He quickly and efficiently filled out all of the paperwork. I appreciate his expertise in the area of Medicare plans, supplemental plans and prescription drug plans. We even discussed Long Term Health plans and Karl sent me information to consider. I will recommend him to others.”

–Susan P. 4/15/16

“They been great help from day one with Obama care and now with Medicare.”

–Josie D. 4/14/16

“We met with Eric Steinlage to learn about Medicare options (there are so many and it was confusing to me). He was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the options as well as the differences in each insurance company. All of our applications are in process (prepared and submitted by Eric – what a relief!), and we are quite pleased with not only the service but with Eric’s knowledge. He made a very complicated process into an easy process for us – no more worries about health & prescription insurance!”

–Donna S. 2/11/16

“I called Margo after receiving a letter from her a while back. I was most concerned to find out whether when I turned 65 I would have to cancel my Affordable Health Insurance and go on Medicare, as I am still working. Right away she knew the answer and I met up with her after the phone call. Margo answered all my questions and filled out the forms that needed filling and told me what to do next as my birthday is coming up soon. I would recommend Margo to anyone who is needing help or clarification with their Medicare questions. Thank you, Margo!”

–Julie T. 1/21/16

“Margo was very efficient and informed in helping us with our Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan. She helped us make the correct decision as well as doing all the paper work for us, much easier than going it alone. We would recommend the Steinlage Insurance Agency.”

–Bryce D. 12/15/15

“I went on Medicare in May and was SO confused about it. Karl went over everything and presented on paper how Medicare, Advantage, Supplement and Part D worked. With this being new to me I’ve had to ask questions several times over the past few months and Karl was always so patient and kind. He will take good care of you and I highly recommend him.”

–Carol J.  12/2/15

“Karl is a professional who knows his business. He saved us hours of researching the many Medicare and part D plans available to us. He saved US many dollars also! We plan to recommend Steinlage Insurance Agency to all our friends.”

–Mary K. 11/13/15

“Enjoyed meeting Margo – she did a great job helping us decide which medicare advantage plan to go with this year, as they had cancelled the plan we had the past 10 years. Thanks again Margo.”

–Marrill T.  11/10/15

“Karl was excellent. He explained the different options available to us and we have a much better understanding of the Medicare plans. I wish we had found him several years ago!!”

–Mary Lou H. 10/29/15

“Karl did a great job finding us the health insurance and Rx plan that suits our needs. It’s so nice to not have to study every single plan–he did all that for us and we trust his knowledge and judgement completely. Definitely a 5 star rating!”

–Patricia M. 10/26/15

“Recently worked with Estelle / Karl to change my prescription insurance to one that fits my meds and pocket to something I can work with. Was greatly appreciative of the excellent service I received. Thank you so much for making a difficult situation easy to understand.”

–Nancy D. 10/20/15

“Margo,I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your assistance today. After stumbling around on the federal website the other day the site you sent to me was a breeze to use. I had set aside my entire morning today to try and get signed up and that was far from necessary.I was able to sign up, receive my confirmation with plenty of time to enjoy this beautiful day. If I ever have someone talk to me about either Affordable Care or Medicare you can be sure I will be referring them to you and the Steinlage Agency. it has been a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again.”

–Marie N.

“Hi Eric,  Just wanted to say thank you for being there last week when I called.  I did not have the cards with me for my husband’s doctor visit.  I found a new heart doctor for him.  Everything worked out great, so thanks for being there.  It’s so nice to actually talk to a LIVE person instead of a recording where you have to feed it tons of information before they can give you an answer to a simple question! We are very happy with the ins. so far.  the prescription part is really good. I’m so glad you sent me that letter! ”

–Laura L.

“I recently worked with Margo Steinlage to determine which Medicare supplemental plan would best suit my needs. She explained the various plans in a simple straightforward manner and answered all of my questions. Margo was extremely personable and professional, and there was never any pressure to purchase a particular plan, or any plan for that matter. The decision was up to me. I would highly recommend Margo.”


“We appreciate the time Karl spent with us when we first needed Medicare supplemental insurance. He was able to get us good coverage at a good rate. Now through his diligence he’s been able to get us an even better rate. We highly recommend the Steinlage Insurance Agency.”


“We are so happy to have found Margo Steinlage to guide us through the Medicare process! She is friendly, knowledgeable, & patient, & we feel she puts her clients’ interests first. With her willingness to come to us, it couldn’t have been easier.”

–Daryl and Steve 8/7/15

“Great agency, friendly employees, knowledgeable staff, in all areas of different types of insurance. Overall a great place to do business with
I also thought that Karl was very professional.”

–Lucian 6/3/15

“Karl has been a great help to my husband and myself. He is quick to respond and explains everything throughly so we understand it. I would recommend him to everyone. We were lucky to have been so fortunate to deal with him. I highly recommend Steinlage Insurance Agency.”

“Margo did an outstanding job explaining the Medicare process and explaining the many options available with no pressure! She is very knowledgeable and truly professional and takes care of her clients!”
–Pat 5/6/15
 “Margo Steinlage is an outstanding professional who demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the Medicare process. She helped me through the process of signing up for Medicare and recommended supplemental plans that fit my individual needs. She is also very personable and easy to talk to. I would recommend her without qualification.”

–Peggy 4/27/15

“We have had wonderful results dealing with this agency. They carry many options for healthcare which can be quite confusing when beginning Medicare. Karl has steered us correctly for 5 years and we will continue to allow him to update our policies when he sees the need for this to happen. We have moved from the St. Louis area, but he is still able to serve us in the Kansas City area. We are so appreciative of that.”

–Madith 4/23/15

“Margo did an outstanding job explaining the Medicare process and explaining the many options available with no pressure! She is very knowledgeable and truly professional and takes care of her clients!”

–Pat E. 4/3/15

“Margo was very informative. No pressure to do our sign anything. Highly recommend Margo.”


“Margo, thank you so much for wading through all the secondary medicare insurance choices and finding a plan that personally works for me. I highly recommend Margo as the “go to” professional to find and enroll you in plans.”


“I am a physician who needed some guidance pertaining to practising telemedicine. Attorney Margo Steinlage provided all the legal guidance I needed in a thorough, timely and professional manner. She was very helpful and effective in addressing my questions. I totally recommend Ms. Steinlage for her legal services with no hesitation.”

Dr. P

“I worked with Margo on Medicare policy. Received excellent advice with no pressure to sign on the dotted line. Felt I received excellent advice. Would recommend Margo without any hesitation.”

Leo B

“After learning that all my specialists were kicked off my plan I was relieved to be referred to Margo Steinlage, who was able to not only put me into a plan where I was able to keep my doctors, but also told me about prescription benefits of which I was not even aware!  The health care options are so daunting, I was really grateful to have Margo guide me through which plan is best for me! ”

Mary B

“I cannot say enough good things about Karl at Steinlage Agency. He knows his material and is so helpful and knowledgeable with all questions that I had. At the age of 65, when I first started receiving ALL the insurance sales literature, I was so befuddled. I questioned friends and became even more confused. Karl ended all that and made me feel like I made the best decision in choosing the policy that worked for ME. He gave examples of how the policy would work for me. He knew when he needed to add more information, and when he could move on to the next topic because I understood. I have referred him to many friends, because I knew they would be just as satisfied with his expertise. Karl would get an A+ from me, because of his hard work, returning calls promptly, and thorough knowledge of his ever changing material.”



Please accept a great big THANK YOU for all the help you gave us when Howard was diagnosed with cancer. He had his fourth chemo treatment this week and seems to be doing well. I’ve been giving out your name whenever the subject of Medicare insurance comes up. Thanks again!”


“About two years ago, I became acquainted with Karl Steinlage. At the time, I was approaching my 66th birthday. I had been an agent myself for about 10 years, selling health products to the Senior market. I was ready to “retire” from keeping up with the constantly changing market and began a search for a younger, professional agent that could look after my needs in retirement, as well as some of my Senior clients. I found that person to be Karl Steinlage. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and very professional in his work. Also, in the “modern” vernacular, he is very “Pro-Active”, keeping his clients informed about what they need or want to know regarding their insurance needs. I would recommend without hesitation.”


“I’ve known Karl Steinlage for a few years now as well as the agency, Steinlage Insurance Company. This is a first rate insurance company. Karl is dedicated to the profession, knowledgeable and very helpful with Medicare-age folks, which is the area in which I work with him. Karl is one of our preferred brokers here at Coventry Health Care of Missouri (formerly Group Health Plan). He’s an all-around nice guy, too! You can be sure if Karl is handling your insurance, you’re in good hands.”


“Great help in wading through the numerous and complicated options. Invaluable service. I highly recommend Steinlage Insurance Agency.”


“I used Karl to assist me in finding the best additional insurance coverage for Medicare. This was not an easy task because I have several major medical conditions that have me taking a large number of different drugs each day. Finding the plan that would cover the most drugs and the most costly drugs would have been terribly time consuming for me. Karl handled it all and explained the decision options between the various carriers so clearly. The ultimate choices were easy to make. He saved me a lot of brain damage.”


“Karl provided my wife and myself solid advice on our Medicare and Medicare supplement options…Very professional and personal throughout the process…”

Al and Mary

“Karl is a great resource for searching and evaluating different insurance programs for seniors. After identifying several programs, he found one where the doctor had hospital privileges I had used in the past with the doctor’s office a couple of miles from my home. The same carrier he found had a program where a particular prescription was covered without unnecessary semi-annual testing the prior insurance company had required to discourage its use.”    


“I turned 65 in July and Eric did a great job at showing me all of my options. It was nice to sit down with someone that was not pushing the one company they were employed by. He took the time to research all the plans my doctor accepted. Then he gave me a comparison of which of my prescriptions each plan would cover and at the best co pay. He did all this with no cost to me. I have referred a younger brother to them and he was impressed also. I wish I could find an independent broker for all my insurance since they only deal with Medicare and health insurance and not auto. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.”


“We are new to the agency but speaking to Karl who is much younger than we are was a pleasure, no high pressure, take it NOW tactics – patient, honest, knowledgeable and real – not computerized – looking forward to a long relationship with this family business!”

Without Karl’s Help

“You will be willing to listen to his advice on the type of insurance you will need to have in the future. His company, Steinlage Insurance Agency, has been in the business for over fifty plus years. I like dealing with a family owned company. I will recommend Karl because of his honesty and integrity to my family and friends. I have been told I have excellent insurance coverage.”


“Having been retired for several years, I was not happy with the insurance coverage I had chosen. Although I was a little skeptical when Karl came to our home to discuss options due to his age, I was pleasantly surprised. He is knowledgeable and covers all aspects of the policies he offers. He helped choose one with my prior coverage plus much more. The insurance field is very confusing to most of us seniors, but he took as much time as was needed to discuss options and I would highly recommend him.”


“Thoroughly satisfied with the service, attention and health insurance policies offered by Karl and his family’s insurance business…a number of years ago GM retirees covered by Medicare ceased to have their health care insurance provided by GM…Karl and his brother conducted numerous meetings with GM retirees, in small groups and with individuals, wherein they outlined and explained the various health care supplement options which were available…personally, I was impressed with Karl’s thorough knowledge of the Medicare system and the numerous supplemental plans which were being offered…ultimately, upwards of 50 GM retirees signed with either Karl or his brother to provide health insurance plans which their agency offered…since that time Karl has remained attentive to our needs by updating us with health care plans offering the same coverage at lower rates…I have referred relatives, non GM friends and recent GM retirees to Karl…I highly recommend the Steinlage Insurance Agency.”


“Karl, will help you find what Insurance product you need and in your budget. He is not a hard sales person and you will enjoy working with him.”


“Karl is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the insurance sector. He was very helpful in helping me reduce the costs of my Medicare supplement insurance. I know that if I have a question, I will get a prompt and accurate response.”


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