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What to expect for your 2017 Obamacare Plan

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Fixing the insurance exchanges By Bob Herman | August 6, 2016 Like basketball players who are sick of losing a game, many health insurers who ventured into the new marketplaces are sending a clear message: We’re taking our ball and going home. And if the government wants them to play again, they want more of the rules changed. The large publicly traded insurers wrapped up second-quarter results last week. Adverse selection continued to weigh down the finances of health plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplace. More companies are dropping enrollment to satisfy investors. But many health policy experts say the Obama administration will alter the still-nascent exchanges to make them more financially palatable for insurers. The marketplaces also will shift to even more high-deductible, narrow-network plans that are common in managed Medicaid. “I do remain bullish on the marketplaces,” said Katherine Hempstead, a senior adviser at the Robert Wood…

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