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Healthcare reform and the Olympics share a common theme

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Starting in 2014, the Health Care Reform will roll out new plans with a simpler theme and easier to understand benefits.  Each offering will follow the Bronze, Silver, and Gold theme of the Olympics with one additional metal being the highest level, Platinum. Here is a breakdown: Bronze- Lowest monthly premium, on average should cover about 60% of a person’s total health costs. Silver – Still a low premium, should cover about 70% of a person’s total health costs. Gold – Higher premium, should cover about 80% of a person’s total health costs. Platinum – Highest premium, should cover about 90% of a person’s total health costs. While the metal designation is designed to identify different plans, it is important to note that this is just an outline.  Generally, bronze plans should have the lowest premium and platinum the highest, but prices and deductible amounts will vary widely.  Bronze plans…

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