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Dolores T.
20:21 16 Jun 23
I totally recommend Angela Windett to anyone searching for the right Medicare Insurance benefits! Angela helped my brother and me with deciding which Medicare insurance company best suited him. Angela was wonderful! She went the extra mile on many occasions and helped us with comparing a few Medicare possibilities. Even though the plan she offered was not the best fit for my brother, as he will go with his employee retirement plan, she was honest with us and did not try to sell him what was not the best insurance for him. She never pushed or pressed him to decide to go with her policy. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Medicare Insurance industry. Her calls and follow ups were always on time as promised. We had A LOT of questions for Angela and her patience was impeccable and all of our questions were answered in a manner we could understand. Thank you so much Angela. We could not have done this without YOU!
Lorie L.
17:41 14 Jun 23
Angela was great to work with. She was informative and attentive and listened to what I said as what I thought was a good fit for us at this time. She gave me options and explained each one with there pros and cons and help me decide what I should do. I am so glad I had her assistance with enrolling in medicare for the first time and I know she will be there for us in the future should our needs change as well. I trust her and feel like she gave me the best information she could. It was a pleasure working with Angela W. and I highly recommend her.
Junior S.
21:27 02 Jun 23
Angela helped me to understand the different plans available and provided guidance to what was best for me. I received her mailing, then watched the webinar and then gave her a call. I was so confused about all the options, but she explained all of them to me which helped it be less confusing. I also like that they will review the Part D plan each year when it is open enrollment to help me find the best plan for me depending on the medications I am prescribed at the time. Thank you so much Angela for all your help.
S. P.
23:02 16 May 23
I reached out to Angela at the Steinlage Insurance Agency after being advised to do so to aide me in wading through all the choices for my Medicare insurance. It was some of the best advice I've been given. After I provided some information, she was able to sift through multiple carriers to show me three companies that offered the same coverage with varying premiums. I certainly could have spent hours running comparisons on all the companies out there but Angela saved me innumerable hours and left me with a much simpler decision. Thank you so much for your expertise and time spent! Would definitely recommend this Agency and Angela specifically.
John W.
16:32 16 May 23
Manny was great. Helped me find the right insurance for my family and me, dealt with details and info quickly that I would not have been able to do myself!
jr C.
00:43 10 May 23
I recently had a discussion with Angela Windett concerning the differences between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Part C. She did a very good job of explaining all of my available options. She helped me to decide which plan would work best for me. I was extremely satisfied with her knowledge and expertise.
Richard D.
16:24 04 May 23
Owner Margo Steinlage Kreider and Agent Angela Windett were invaluable in helping my wife and me transition from private insurance to Medicare. They were hands-on, patient, and well informed on everything from the mechanics and timing of our applications to the scope and cost of our coverage options. Despite my 40 years of corporate law practice, we would have barely treaded water had our financial advisor not referred us to the Steinlage Agency. We are thrilled to have established a relationship with Margo and Angela and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Rick S.
15:20 26 Apr 23
I worked with Angela while trying to decide between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, which can be pretty confusing. She and the agency did a great job of explaining all of the options and helping me to find the right solution for me. There are tons of "Medicare coaches" out there that will charge you upwards of $1,000 for the same service. Save your money and give Steinlage a call.
Mark V.
05:36 22 Apr 23
Margo Steinlage and Shelby Rowland have been an invaluable resource as our family makes the transition from private health insurance to Medicare. The many plans and coverages under Medicare can be bewildering, and these folks have done the analysis needed to pick the options best for us. Plus, they've held my hand through each step of the process. They make sure that I meet deadlines and dot every i and cross every t. Can't recommend them highly enough.
joe C.
12:33 14 Apr 23
Spoke with Angela about my upcoming application and needs for Medicare. What a fantastic person she is. Angela explained all the different options for Medicare in language that was easily understood. We decided on a plan for me at the current time and I am very much looking forward to the next time we talk!! Super knowledgeable and showed a willingness to truly help.
Kathy Z.
14:56 13 Apr 23
The guidance provided by Angela Windett to help my husband through the sign up process for Medicare was excellent. She is very knowledge and walked us step by step through what is considered a cumbersome and confusing process to make it much easier for us. She also helped us save money through her extensive knowledge. Thank you Angela for your detailed assistance and for putting our minds at ease! All applications submitted…
Farid S.
14:05 06 Apr 23
Excellent and prompt service ALWAYS. Had an issue with drug cost and Shelby investigated it quickly and provided information that helped me to resolve the matter. Very grateful
15:16 01 Apr 23
My experience with the Steinlage team here in VA has been excellent. Always helpful and knowledgeable, they always go the extra mile to ensure I have the best info with which to make decisions.Highly recommended !
Maryellen S.
17:14 31 Mar 23
I had the pleasure of working with Angela Windett of the Steinlage Insurance Agency. Angela helped me set up my Medicare which would have been very difficult on my own. Angela is very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend to anyone approaching this chapter in their life to contact Angela. Good luck.
Hilary S.
13:48 31 Mar 23
Working with Angela Windett has made navigating insurance questions so easy! She is helpful, sends reminders, and is so responsive. Highly recommend Angela and the Steinlage Agency.
Kim J.
17:45 28 Mar 23
When speaking with Manny the other day I was impressed with his thorough Medicare knowledge, with all the loopholes! He explained everything about when to apply, any penalties that might apply for being late, and a host of other relevant information, and all in language you could understand. I appreciated all the information he was able to provide....Thank you so much!

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Medicare Insurance Services in Richmond, VA

For more than seven decades, Steinlage Insurance Agency has been a trusted resource for seniors nationwide seeking guidance on Medicare insurance in Richmond, VA. Recognized by clients throughout Virginia as a reliable and knowledgeable source for Medicare information, trends, and updates, we provide expert support as you navigate your Medicare coverage options once you reach the age of 65.

Our Richmond Medicare Services

At Steinlage, we have established partnerships with leading insurance providers throughout the United States. These valuable collaborations grant our clients unrestricted access to top-tier Medicare products that are both high-quality and competitively priced.

Our services come at no cost to you, as we receive compensation from the insurance companies. Rest assured, our experienced Medicare consultants in Richmond, Virginia, have your best interests at heart.

Learn more about the services we offer:

Medicare Expertise in Richmond, VA

Leveraging our Medicare expertise in Richmond, Steinlage Insurance Agency specializes in guiding individuals through the intricacies of enrolling in Medicare, sparing you the frustration and uncertainty that can come with the process. Each year, we diligently contract with all national carriers, enabling us to provide tailored recommendations for products that align with your unique needs.

When you enroll, you will receive coverage through Part A and Part B:

Part A includes hospitalization services and comes at no cost.
Part B is premium-based and covers medical services.

However, on average, Medicare typically covers approximately 80% of your hospitalization and medical expenses, leaving a 20% gap for prescription drug coverage, dental and vision insurance, and health and wellness.

We offer many plans that address this remaining gap left by Medicare. These plans fall into two main categories: Medicare Supplement and Part C Medicare Advantage. Medicare Part D is a standalone prescription drug plan.

Our Medicare consultants in Richmond, Virginia, boast decades of experience in the industry, adapting to every shift in healthcare and insurance landscapes. You can trust that we will continue to meet your needs, no matter what changes may arise.

Annual Enrollment Guidance

The annual Medicare enrollment period runs from October 15 to December 7. As you become eligible for Medicare, you’ll likely have questions about coverage and enrollment. If you’re seeking Medicare insurance in Richmond, VA, contact Steinlage Insurance Agency during this period. We can assist you in selecting the most suitable plan for your budget and requirements.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from an annual review of your current coverage to determine if any adjustments are necessary. If a different product suits your needs better, we can make those changes during this time.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Steinlage Insurance Agency, we provide lifetime customer service to all our Medicare Advantage clients through our outstanding benefits support team. Whether you need assistance with claim numbers, replacement cards, or understanding bills and denials from healthcare facilities in Richmond, Virginia, our Medicare brokerage agency ensures that errors are promptly resolved and handled efficiently.

Start Your Medicare Journey with Our Richmond, VA, Consultants

Navigating Medicare coverage can be a complex endeavor. If you’re unsure where or how to begin, our Medicare consultants in Richmond, Virginia, are ready to assist you. We’re here to address your inquiries, clarify the workings of the nationwide healthcare program, and guide you through enrollment.