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Steinlage Insurance Agency has provided seniors across the country with trusted advice and guidance regarding Medicare insurance for over 70 years. Clients throughout Virginia view us as a reliable source of Medicare knowledge, trends, and news. Once you turn 65, you may not know what the future holds – but with the help of our expert Medicare consultants in Virginia, you can be confident that you’ll receive the coverage you need.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what our clients have to say about us:

Angela was fantastic to work with. I don't know what my wife and I would have done without her guidance. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things Medicare and offered us expert advice on the best options to consider. On top of that, Angela follows through on what she commits to, responds immediately when messages are left and is patient and pleasant! I highly recommend Angela!
Angela gave an excellent presentation I attended on Medicare and the range of options to consider. Subsequently, I worked with her to look at supplemental plan options for me, and for my brother in another state. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, thorough and patient. I am so pleased and relieved, and feel like I am in good hands. Highly recommend!!
Morgan was very helpful and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. She answered all of my questions with knowledge. I am very glad that I am doing business with your company for my insurance needz.
I could NEVER have managed the complexities of Medicare and COBRA without the incredible help of Angela Windett and Steinlage Insurance of Charlottesville. Angela and I have worked together for 14 months and I've always found her calm professionalism and deep knowledge a huge comfort. She simplified everything for me from start to finish and has always been available for follow up questions - however big or small. Emails would always follow up our meetings to confirm what was discussed. My situation had many complications and navigating the system was daunting, so I'm incredibly glad I was introduced to Steinlage. I would highly recommend them, and Angela in particular.
This agency will be all you need to journey through signing up for Medicare and all other supplemental insurance coverage you may wish to have. Angela was knowledgeable, responsive, choices provided, and learned many great tips. They do all the "work" they can on your behalf, with instructions for your part well written and understandable. They will prompt me in future months regarding important reminders and potential changes to make that may be of benefit. Trust me, you can trust them!
Excellente expérience, flawless!
Response from the owner: Thanks Marie!
Angela has worked with us the last several years. She is very knowledgeable , and helped save us money without sacrificing coverage...great job.
Manny is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of Medicare and is a good listener. He is a great asset to the Steinlage organization.
Anyone who needs a top-flight Medicare broker should call Angela Windett of Steinlage Insurance. Angela has an absolute mastery of the complex Medicare system, along with the communication skills to explain it well. Beyond that, she responds promptly to calls and emails and provides so much encouragement that the process almost seems fun. Of course, no large federal bureaucracy could truly be fun.When I was hit with a large bill for a dental procedure, Angela's expertise saved me. The accountant in my dentist office didn't think my dental insurance provider would cover the procedure. So I paid the full cost out of pocket. But Angela researched the terms of my dental insurance and discovered that the provider should cover the procedure, as long as I showed evidence of prior dental insurance coverage. She then showed the evidence to the provider, and sure enough, they agreed to provide the coverage. Now I'm arranging to have the amount I paid credited back to my account. As a result of her efforts, I'm saving over $1,000.
Angela Windett from Steinlage Insurance Agency did an outstanding job in getting health insurance for our family. Angela is knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. I highly recommend Angela as an agent, for your insurance needs.
Angela Windett is a true expert who makes the process easy for you.
Very interesting and informative. Over all good advice.
Response from the owner: Thanks Tim!
I didn't realize that Medicare is complicated. Manny is great at breaking down alternatives to help come to the best decision.
Very helpful in both choosing and signing up for Medicare plans. Highly recommended.
Karl S. is extremely knowledgeable about Health Insurance options and helped me to quickly navigate to the best selection in conjunction with my VA Healthcare and pending Medicare selection. I would highly recommend him and his support staff.
We are so happy to have worked with Angela and her team. She went above and beyond our expectations! Extremely knowledgeable and made this a seamless process. We would absolutely recommend her.
My husband and I highly recommend Steinlage and Angela Windett. Angela was very knowledgeable about medicare and she also quickly responded to questions we had, even on the weekend! Angela made the process seem less overwhelming and did the research for us in narrowing down the best options for supplemental plans.
Angela is the best! Very knowledgeable and quick to respond. She had so much information to relay but she did a fantastic job. I highly recommend her if you are about to go on Medicare -- talk to her or her staff before you sign up.
Angela is excellent. She's knowledgeable and does a great job listening to her clients, answering their questions thoroughly and walking through options.
medicare….so many options and choices I had no clue .angela gave me several options and we came up with the best choice for me,could not have done it without her. I trust angela and steinlage insurance for all my medicare insurance needs.
Response from the owner: Thanks James!
Saved me money & got more coverage. She answered questions I didn't even know I needed to ask. So great I've been calling family & giving her number out. I was so happy with results, got to try this. Debi AnglinHave used this group for my Mother and just as good as first time I used them for myself. EVERYONE should give them a call, can't say enough good things about them. Debi Anglin
Response from the owner: Thanks Debi!
It has been a real pleasure with the immeasurable guidance received from the Steinlage Insurance Agency! We could never have made the necessary decisions or know which retirement plans were available without the help from Angela Windett!! She has been available to respond to all our many questions. My husband and I trust this company to guide us throughout this process. We highly recommend the Steinlage Insurance Agency without any hesitation!
Manny has been very helpful as we transition from the workforce to retirement, and navigate the nuances of Medicare, COBRA, and the marketplace. Great service and good advice.
The help that I was given differentiating between different Medicare options was invaluable. My agent's expertise was excellent and her ability to clearly explain options helped me make good choices. I highly recommend this agency for anyone needing help navigating Medicare.
Angela was exceptional in reviewing my Medicare options!
Angela is amazing! She knows her stuff! Knows and presents options that best benefit me, and follows up with informative and thorough email recap. 100% recommend getting help with this puzzle of Medicare. I'm not sure how folks think that they can sort out their options otherwise.
Response from the owner: We are so glad you are working with Angela! She’s delighted to help you navigate Medicare. Thanks for sharing your experience with Angela and our agency!
As always, Manny Adams was an amazing resource. When I began with Medicare, he guided us through the entire process. We were very pleased with out coverages. Now that my wife is coming on to Medicare, Manny has done it again!! Outstanding advice grounded in thorough research and extensive knowledge. Also, we should not fail to recognize the wonderful support from Charlotte Lessa. She, too, has provided incredible service!
We found Manny Adams to be a joy to work with. He guided us through the important issues regarding medical insurance, and gave us clear proposals for how we might, together, find just the right plan for us. His approach inspires confidence.
Angela was incredibly helpful in answering all of our questions about Medicare. She is extremely knowledgeable and understood our situation.
Manny was exceptionally helpful in providing sound advice and recommendations related to Medicare and what I must do when I turn 65. His professionalism and thorough knowledge of all things Medicare was reassuring that what I have researched thus far was accurate, but more importantly, he taught me some information that I did not know. Now I am prepared to turn 65 and make the right decisions regarding Medicare for me.
Manny provided sound advice and I appreciated his insights!
Manny has been so helpful to us. He explains clearly the things that we don't know and takes the anxiety out of signing up for Medicare and selecting our supplement. He follows up with us at each step and makes sure we stay on the right schedule. He understands the Medicare rules including the exceptions such that he is very capable of answering our questions. Thank you, Manny!
Response from the owner: Thanks!
Angela is awesome! She is extremely knowledgeable and responds quickly to all my questions. She's always professional, courteous and gives extra special customer service!
I enjoyed my tele-meeting with Angela on Friday, 26 April 2024. She possesses the in-depth knowledge of Medicare and supplements that I needed to make informed decisions about my needs after retirement. She listened to my concerns and provided answers and guidance for my personal needs - avoiding the generalized, boilerplate information in Medicare double-speak that is provided in government guidance documents. When the meeting was over, I knew the course I would take when I retire, and I know I have an ally in Angela.
Angela was wonderful to work with and very patient. I believe she looked out for our best interests in helping us decide which Medicare benefits package to go with. Highly recommend!
Wonderful, knowledgeable people who are extremely helpful in answering questions and providing information.
Angela helped my sign up for Medicare. She was very helpful in reviewing the options and identifying the important factors for helping me to select the best plan for my needs.
Very knowledgeable and informative
Manny was great, on time for appointment and offered great options and advice. H
We had an excellent experience with Steinlage, and with Angela specifically. She answered all our questions patiently, responded quickly, and helped us at every stage of the process. She made a confusing situation totally manageable. We really appreciated all the help!
Angela took away all my fear and apprehension about moving on to Medicare. You will not find the level of expertise or knowledge anywhere else. All of my questions, and there were many, were answered straightforward and in a way that I could understand.
I had a very productive and educational visit with Angela. She was able to work me through my questions, raise questions I didn't know to ask, and bring some clarity to the Medicare puzzle. I look forward to working with her as I transition to Medicare.
I can't say enough good things about Steinlage Insurance Agency! The entire Medicare process is quite daunting but my broker, Angela Windett, expertly guided me from beginning to end and made things very clear. I will recommend Angela for her expertise and knowledge! It was a pleasure working with her!
Response from the owner: Thanks Linda!
When navigating the Medicare means it's refreshing to have somebody as experienced and knowledgeable as Angela to help better understand the options of available
Response from the owner: Thanks Mike!
Manny did a great job navigating the Medicare coverage options available. He gained our trust with his knowledge and acumen.
Response from the owner: Many thanks!
I received superior, professional service from Manny at Steinlage Insurance. He is clearly knowledgeable about all things related to Medicare & supplemental policies, and explained them in a manner that was easy to understand. He, and his assistant Charlotte, could not have been more helpful. Highly recommend using their services!
Response from the owner: We appreciate your review! Thanks!

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Medicare Insurance in Charlottesville, VA

Steinlage Insurance Agency has provided seniors across the country with trusted advice and guidance regarding Medicare insurance in Charlottesville, VA, for over 70 years. Clients throughout Virginia view us as a reliable source of Medicare knowledge, trends, and news. Once you turn 65, you may not know what the future holds – but with the help of our expert Medicare consultants in Charlottesville, Virginia, you can be confident that you’ll receive the coverage you need.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what our clients have to say about us:

Services We Provide

At Steinlage, we partner with just about every top-level insurance provider in the United States. Our partnerships allow us to offer our clients complete access to the highest quality and competitive Medicare products.

Our services come free of charge to you – we receive compensation from the insurance companies. Rest assured that our Medicare consultants in Charlottesville, VA, have your best interests in mind.

Learn more about our services below:

Medicare Expertise in Charlottesville, VA

Steinlage Insurance Agency specializes in providing Medicare insurance in Charlottesville, VA, to help you navigate the process of enrolling in Medicare and avoid the frustration and confusion associated with it. We work each year to contract with all national carriers. As a result, we can guide you and recommend the products best suited to your needs.

You’ll receive coverage via Part A and B when you enroll.

Part A is free and includes hospitalization services.
Part B is premium-based and includes medical services.

However, on average, Medicare pays approximately 80% of the hospitalization and medical services you seek. That leaves a 20% gap for prescription drug coverage, dental and vision insurance, and health and wellness.

Numerous Medicare plans in Charlottesville are available that cover the remaining amount left by Medicare. They fall into two categories: Medicare Supplement and Part C Medicare Advantage. Additionally, Medicare Part D is a stand-alone prescription drug plan.

Our Medicare consultants in Charlottesville, Virginia, possess decades of industry experience. We’ve grown and adapted to every change in the healthcare and insurance fields, so you can be confident we’ll serve your needs, regardless of what’s next.

Annual Enrollment Guidance

The Medicare annual enrollment period occurs between October 15 and December 7. Once you become eligible for Medicare, you likely have several questions about coverage and how to enroll. Contact Steinlage Insurance Agency during the annual enrollment period if you want Medicare insurance in Charlottesville, Virginia. We can help you choose the right plan for your needs and budget.

When you partner with us, we’ll meet once a year to analyze your current coverage and determine whether a change is necessary. If we believe a particular product suits you better, we can adjust during that time.

Legendary Customer Service

At Steinlage Insurance Agency, we offer each of our Medicare Advantage clients lifetime customer service from our superb benefits support team. We’ll advise you on the best Medicare Advantage Plan for your needs.

Whether you need claim numbers, replacement cards, or help deciphering bills and/or denials from places like UVA, Martha Jefferson, or Sentara in Charlottesville, Virginia, our team ensures that errors are fixed and handled effectively.

Get Started With Our Medicare Consultants in Charlottesville, Virginia Today

Tackling Medicare coverage can be a daunting task. If you’re unsure where or how to start, our Medicare consultants in Charlottesville, Virginia, can help. We’ll answer any questions, explain how the nationwide healthcare program works, and guide you through enrollment.

We aim to make your life easier and uncomplicated. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.