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February 2013

10 tips for a 65 year old signing up for Medicare

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Are you turning 65 soon or wondering how to figure out the maze of Medicare?  Congratulations!  Now don’t throw away all those mailings you get from insurance companies everyday (recycle them) and don’t disconnect your phone to stop the unsolicited calls. Click here to register for the Do Not Call List. Here are 10 tips for cutting through the clutter and making this process less painful than a trip to the dentist: 1. Don’t be afraid to ask!   Chances are you know someone who is already Medicare eligible.  Buy them a cup of coffee and pick their brain.  What resources did they use?  Are they happy with their current coverage?  What problems have they had?  Are they satisfied with their current insurance agent or broker?  How have their rates changed in the time that they are Medicare eligible? 2.  Choose an independent agency to help With so many variables,…

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