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How Hospital Outpatient status can cause trouble for you!

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Knowing the distinction between observation care and inpatient care (admitted patient) is important for seniors. If you have not been admitted to the hospital for at least three consecutive days (two midnights) you are not eligible for follow-up nursing home coverage and may have higher out-of-pocket expenses while in the hospital. Furthermore, drugs that you receive during observation care are not covered – you are charged full retail value of drug. Under the rules, Medicare picks up the whole tab for the first 20 days in an approved skilled nursing facility for rehab or other care, but only if someone has spent at least three full days (two midnights) in the hospital as an admitted patient. If instead a patient has been under observation — for all or part of that time — he or she is responsible for the entire cost of rehab. FAQ: How does this affect me…

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