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How to Choose the Medicare Advantage Plan that’s Best for You

By Making the Most of your Medicare 3 Comments

Medicare Advantage plans can be attractive because of the low or $0 monthly premiums insurers charge.  Like anything in life, there are trade offs and sacrifices we all have to make.  When it comes to Medicare Advantage plans, the trade offs are usually less freedom when it comes to which doctors and hospitals you can use as well as more restrictions or red tape when it comes to getting services covered.  In order to choose a Medicare Advantage plan wisely, I’ve come up with an easy guideline to follow.  Following these steps should hopefully ease the potential frustrations within Medicare Advantage.     First, it helps to gather the information specific to this decision.  Medicare Advantage plans should cover your doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions.  On a piece of paper, write down the names of your current doctors, preferred hospital, and prescriptions. Next, call each doctor to find out which Medicare…

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