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How to figure out the Affordable Care Act as an individual

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As the clock ticks down, most people are completely in the dark when it comes to setting up their health insurance under the new “Obamacare” rules.  I hope this sheds some light on the situation for people who currently have individual insurance. If you purchased your health insurance before March 29th 2010, your plan is considered “grandfathered”.  Your group had to answer health questions in order to purchase the policy, and the rate you pay is based off the claims experience within that group. The good thing about having a “grandfathered” plan is that your rate will not be affected by the new health insurance pricing rules that are set to begin in 2014.   A “non-grandfathered” plan is any policy purchased after March 29th, 2010. The biggest changes for non-grandfathered plans are that the rates these people pay will adopt the “Obamacare” rules in 2014.  There are 2 major…

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How health care reform will affect you

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We are rapidly approaching the 2014 start date of the new health care reform known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare.  This unprecedented law will definitely create confusion.  To help answer the question of “How will health care reform affect me?”  Here are some ways that different segments of the population will be affected: Men and Women under 26 Right now people cannot buy an individual policy from insurance companies.  This really limits the options they have when it comes to shopping around.  This will change in 2014 when people will be able to buy insurance from private companies or the exchange.  A big benefit of health care reform is that wellness expenses are covered at 100% by insurance (things like immunizations, vaccines, well baby checkups at 12 months, 2 years, etc.) Adults 26 – 40 This group of people may experience the “rudest awakening” of any segment….

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