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Is dental insurance worth it?

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As my heart rate starts to climb and my palms get sweaty, it can only mean one thing.  I have a dentist appointment today!  I seriously despise going to the dentist.  I can think of 100 pain inducing things I would rather do than go to the dentist.  (For example, getting punched really hard in the stomach).  It’s not the cleaning and lying with your mouth open for an hour that I dread, it is the fear of the unknown that kills me.  Will the dentist find a cavity?  Is there something wrong?  That fear causes me to lose sleep at night! This brings me to the insurance point.  I get asked all the time, “Is dental insurance worth it?”  “Should I just pay out of pocket or buy an insurance plan?” If your views of the dentist are like mine, I think dental coverage serves a purpose greater than…

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