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Medicare Advantage Options

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem MediBlue Plus (HMO) (H9886-004-0)
Athem MediBlue Access (PPO) (H1517-007-0)

United Healthcare (formerly Secure Horizons)

Medicare Complete (HMO) (H2802-028-0)
MedicareComplete Choice Plan 1 (PPO) (H2228-030-0)
MedicareComplete Choice Plan 2 (PPO) (H2228-048-0)
Care Improvement Plus Medicare Advantage (Regional PPO) (R3444-012-0)

Essence Healthcare

Essence Advantage (HMO) (H2610-005-0)
Essence Advantage Plus (HMO) (H2610-006-0)

Coventry Healthcare (formerly Group Health Plan GHP)

Coventry Total Care (HMO-POS) (H2663-015-0)
Gold Advantage (HMO) (H2663-005-0)
Advantra Option 2 (HMO) (H2663-002-0)
Advantra Option 1 (HMO-POS) (H2663-006-0)
Advantra (PPO) (H1608-013-0)


Humana Gold Plus H2649-023 (HMO) (H2649-023-0)
HumanaChoice H1716-001 (PPO) (H1716-001-0)
HumanaChoice H1716-021 (PPO) (H1716-021-0)
Humana Gold Choice H8145-125 (PFFS) (H8145-125-0)
HumanaChoice R5826-010 (Regional PPO) (R5826-010-0)

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