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July 2014

Snags ahead for 2015 health renewals

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    About 8 in 10 of those signed up for private coverage under the health care law are getting financial aid. The average subsidy is $264 a month, reducing the average monthly premium of $346 to just $82. Open Enrollment starts November 15-Steinlage Insurance will help you sign up for a new plan that meets your needs and avoid snags that are predicted for the 2015 health renewal/Open Enrollment period.  

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Scared of messing up your Obamacare application? You’re not alone.

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Article from Modern Healthcare — Paul Demko Obamacare signups suspected of being flawed; GOP to investigate.  “The 2014 open enrollment period ended on a triumphant note for the Obama administration with more than 8 million individuals ultimately signed up for healthcare coverage. But a report released this month by HHS’ Office of the Inspector General suggests that many of those enrollment applications are flawed. HHS was unable to resolve 90% of the 2.9 million discrepancies found in applications submitted through during the first three months of exchange operations, according to the report. Republicans were quick to seize on that report as evidence that, despite enrollment successes, implementation of Obamacare continues to be a mess. They will dig into the details of the OIG report at a Wednesday hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health. Officials from the watchdog agency are expected to testify. The report…

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Exchange plans give doc practices headaches

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Physician practices around the country say they are facing administrative hassles dealing with health plans on the insurance exchanges, according to a survey by the Medical Group Management Association. But they also say the payment rates they are getting from exchange plans are higher than anticipated and are equal to rates paid by non-exchange plans and Medicare. Nearly 60% of respondents said it is harder to verify patient coverage, obtain cost-sharing information and get information about in-network providers for exchange plans compared with non-exchange plans. Physician group practices are expressing dissatisfaction with the complexity and lack of information associated with insurance products sold on Obamacare exchanges. The more administrative complexity introduced into the healthcare system the less time and resources practices can devote to patient care. Some practices have also encountered severe network limitations. Almost half of respondents reported they have been unable to provide covered services to exchange patients…

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